Lavender Fields Body/Linen/Room Spray

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Want instant access to calm? Sweet smelling lavender oil all by itself equals one less stressed you. Spray on bed linens or use as perfume.
Ingredients: Purified Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Alcohol

These versatile soap-matching sprays made with essential oils are real multi-tasker's. I use them for perfume, to freshen a room with, for deodorizing...anything...and ESPECIALLY to kill germs. These essential oil blends are super concentrated so the scent is strong, long-lasting, and, well, real. Just oils extracted from plants. That's it. Here's why you should try 'em:
1. They kill germs in the air
2. They kill germs on your stuff
3. They kill germs on you
4. They can be sprayed just about anywhere and will not leave a stain
5. They smell AMAZING.

Approximately 2 ounces. Give them a good shake and spray away!

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